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ICOL Group presents the Digital Directory of Companies – Participants of Fashion Industry, created in the framework of Fashion Ecosystem project. This digital platform is created to unite all participating professionals of the fashion industry: from designers, technical specialists and components’ suppliers to manufacturers and retailers. It offers comfortable tools for business processes digitalization and provides efficient communication within the united ecosystem.

We offer various options and sets of usage modules for ICOL Fashion Ecosystem. You can use the platform as the closed system to work with your current clients and partners; or as the back-office for automation of certain business processes. Or you can become the part of the ecosystem, seamlessly integrating into the novelty of 2021 – ICOL Product Lifecycle Management, where you can offer your own leather materials, as well as soles and accessories.

We have chosen the most democratic approach to this initiative and offer the exhibitors of LineaPelle to become a part of the new digital ecosystem for free. To do this, please fill in the short form below, or submit your information (your company name and e-mail) to our promoters at the exhibition – and activate your account!

Right after the activation you can get familiar with the offered services and fully use the platform functionality with no payment whatsoever.