ICOL Group is working on creating innovative and intellectual products for the digital transformation of the industry but it’s all about the team of talented and passionate employees with the same aspirations and common goals that drives the change. That is the core value for our company. All our products and unique services and solutions are based on remarkable experience and passion for what we do of each and every team member. So who are we actually?

ICOL’s employees are:

● 300 full-time engineers working on different projects (we started in 2017 with only 15 engineers) with at least 5 years of experience, with the management team having more than 20 years of experience;

● proactive, flexible, responsible and self-organized, able to deal with tasks both independently and as a part of a team, exchanging idea and experience, providing mentoring and coaching;

● always pursuing growth on all levels and fronts, studying and implementing the best up-to-date practices of personnel management, material and intellectual resources.

ICOL Smart RoboFactories & Digital Ecosystems: Wear the future!