ICOL is an international group of companies founded in 2019 with the headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

ICOL Group was created as an international innovative business with different departments developing their own technologies in the frame of the general manufacturing and technological programs. The Italian branch, including the commercial office and R&D center was founded in Milan (Italy), in the city of international fashion in 2020. The Italian office is in charge of the European Sales Department and R&D center developing the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision.

As of today ICOL Group has 6 research and commercial offices. We have more than 300 full-time engineers working on different projects.

Today the company is working on different projects:

  1. B2B Fashion Ecosystem: We have created a collaborative ecosystem designed to gather all the participants from fashion industry starting with designers, technical specialists and component suppliers up to manufacturers and retailers.
  2. Digital Platform: We have digitalized the entire wholesale process to make the experience smarter for different industries, to manage the product life cycle and to improve efficiency and work together to drive global growth.
  3. Smart Footwear Factory: We have developed the concept of the future footwear industry. Each stage is separated into a robotic section while interaction of all the sections is highly efficient and digitalized.
  4. Robotic Cutting Hub: A robotized leather cutting center with the following processing stations: defect detection and application of the transportation film, marking, printing, laser stamping, edge skiving, reinforcing, cutting and picking.
  1. ICOL MES System: This represents the intellectual core to manage production processes, synchronize, analyze and facilitate production. ICOL MES System is able to independently come up with decision (without humans) giving the operator all the information about the current state of the line, all its parts and aspects allowing, when necessary to interrupt, adjust and resume the production process.
    Being highly flexible and ready to react immediately, the MES systems contributes to high efficiency thus reducing costs and increasing productivity.
  1. VQI (Visual Quality Inspection): This is a section of the Smart Footwear Factory for automatic analyses of the leather surface that finds all the flaws and abnormalities of the raw material, creating an efficient model for detail cutting. Can be used as an independent section to find flaws in hide.
  2. Smart Warehouse: This is an inventory system with all the inventory processes automated (receipt of goods, storage, sorting, shipment) possible due to implementation of our own program for logistics management, called FRLS-System (Full Robotics Logistic Space).
  3. Digital Solutions: We have other solutions and services based on the principles of Industry 4.0, such as Advanced Machine Vision, Deep Learning and AI, Digital Twin, AMR – autonomous mobile robots, Industrial IoT.

ICOL Smart RoboFactories & Digital Ecosystems: Wear the future!