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International Conference on metaverse and digital fashion in Russia

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International Conference on metaverse and digital fashion in Russia

Cyber Fashion Conference organized by Fashion Factory School took place in Russia on 2 November 2021. This was the first large-scale event in Russia dedicated to digital fashion and metaverse.

The Conference gathered business leaders from the fashion industry including ICOL, Yandex, Malivar, Replicant, ZERO10 and other companies. The experts discussed who had started talking about metaverse before Zuckerberg and how to become a part of this fast-growing industry.   

Liudmila Norsoyan, the founder of Fashion Factory School, addressed the audience with the opening speech: «The whole planet from Odessa to New York, from Sydney to Tokyo and Chicago is taking another step into the future where digital fashion is an important part of the global world of the metaverse».  

Andrey Golub, CEO for Italian market and the Head of R&D Department developing AI and Industrial Design at ICOL Group, the founder of Else Corp, gave also a speech.

Daniel Trabun, Yandex product manager and head of the Russian AR-project Sloy, talked about metaverse and digital inspiration.  

Digital innovation expert and the founder of the international Future Narrative Inc. Petah Marian told the audience about rebranding Facebook and presented a few examples of successful digital clothing collections from Gucci.

The program of the Conference also included presentations from Regina Turbina, the founder of the first Russian digital fashion marketplace Replicant and NFT-marketplace Artisant; digital artist Evgeny Golovanchuk known as Skeeva who worked with such brands as Apple, Adidas, Adobe, SpaceX, SEGA, Playstation; creative director of Malivar Svetlana Belousova; CEO of virtual try-on fashion platform ZERO10 George Yashin.   

The highlight of the conference was the performance by Aliona Pole, a virtual Influencer from Malivar Studio. The participants had also an opportunity to win a digital glass dress from Kai Kai brand.  

The conference was organized by Fashion Factory School, the first school that brought together all Russian digital designers.