ICOL Group is an international group of companies, combining six R&D and trade centers. The affiliated companies started their history in 2017 and then consolidated under the ICOL brand in 2019.

Nowadays, ICOL Group:
– Bases in 4 countries.
– Has offices in six cities.
– Employs more than 200 engineers.
– Has successfully launched the first robotic leather cutting factory.

About ICOL Group

ICOL Group is a global technological engineering business headquartered in Barcelona. Started in 2017 as several separate firms based in Belarus and Spain, the businesses decided to merge into ICOL Group in 2019. Next year, a new office opened in Milan, one of the global centers of the fashion industry.

Currently, ICOL Group includes:
1. Four R&D centers across Belarus and Italy.
2. Two European trade centers located in Barcelona and Milan.
3. A large Russian representative office which is corresponding to plans of approaching Russian market and occupying leading position.

ICOL Group's achievements

– The company took part in 12 large-scaled clothing and footwear digital transformation projects held in Belarus, Russia, Spain, Italy and Argentina.
– We’ve arranged successful partnerships with the leading European sectoral R&D facilities. They were really helpful during designing digital transformation projects.
– Our R&D teams have designed and tested highly efficient solutions for each stage of digital transformation of the industry (e. g. design, manufacturing, procuring, logistics, wholesale, and retail).

All these made it possible to form a detailed business development roadmap within the next three years.

Ongoing projects

1. ICOL Group, along with a major Belarusian shoemaker Belwest (more than 2 mln pairs of leather shoes producing yearly), kick-started a fully robotized leather cutting line. Based on first half-year period after the manufacturing unit launched, Belwest showed 24% drop in cutting costs. Moreover, the company has doubled its product range, as well as increased the output volume by 15 — 20% just in the first month.

2. ICOL Group acts as a key technological and business partner of Mexican national clothing and footwear industry digital transformation programme named Hecho en Mexico 2030. Our engineers, implementations, and processes are involved in every stage of the sectoral digital transformation.