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What is the “smart warehouse” and how it works?

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Demands for warehouse and logistic services grow every year. As new formats of retail, goods, trends in retail, etc. emerge – so goes this market sector development, i.e. fast. If factors like growing demand for goods delivery and/or competition nudge you to search for the fastest functionality and lowest expenses – then the “smart warehouse” is your possible solution.

“Smart warehouse” is the most optimized and efficient solution for warehouse logistics. We are ready to offer robotized warehouses with our very own array of unique ICOL technologies, namely:

– AGV mobile robots;
– stationary robotic stations;
– mobile racks;
– robotic cranes;
– packaging for both internal and external use;
– software.

FRLS-System of ICOL “smart warehouse” is worth separate mention. With its use the warehouse systems can be customized as per requests of a very specific entity. FRLS-System allows to efficiently manage the warehouse processes in real time: goods arrival, operational storage and picking, sorting and shipment.

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