The business of ICOL is to create products of intellect and innovations. Thus, the team – of talented, enthusiastic people with common aspirations and goals – is our main value. At the core of our products and solutions (some are very unique and have no matches in the world) are, first and foremost: the work, the intelligence and the experience of people who create these products and solutions. So what are we?

Today in the ICOL team, we have:

● 300+ highly skilled specialists (although we started with 40 people back in 2017); the average experience of an engineer is 5 years; top management’s practical experience averages 20 years.

● Employees with initiative and who engage in flexible thinking, responsibility and self-management. Our employees are able to effectively solve the set tasks both individually or as a team. They are eager to share their experience with fellow workers, relying upon the best patterns of mentoring and succession.

● A well thought-out and established workflow. Our team has the motivation to develop sustainably, to examine and adopt the best contemporary practices of personnel management and material and intellectual resources management.

Wear your future with ICOL!