ICOL strives to enhance both people’s quality of life and the efficiency of business via implementation of innovations, digital transformation and robotization of key processes. In particular, this is achievable by the application of Industry 4.0 guidelines to traditional manufacturing, specifically footwear and leather production first. Yet the company’s solutions and know-hows are valid for a set of other industries, from furniture production to “smart city” or “smart village” concepts.

ICOL is the young company. However, the years of experience its founders and key figures have helped benefit the company. In the twenty-first century, industrial scale production should be fully handled by robots and AI, while people should be occupied with development, setup and operations of these machines, systems and processes. We at ICOL believe that today is the best period to move manufacturing as close to its customers as possible, to make it most the efficient and sustainable. For us, robotization and digitalization are the best ways to solve the traditional issues of manufacturing – such as production costs raising permanently, insufficient flexibility and non-efficient management of materials.

ICOL brand is the ambassador of the fourth Industrial Revolution for a set of industries. The company’s goal is to transform traditional manufacturers into the most efficient and competitive ones.

ICOL Smart RoboFactories & Digital Ecosystems: Wear the Future!